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Today we are the premiere pool building company in Dallas, Texas, but our roots began in Arizona when our founder fell in love with the construction and contracting industries his grandfather and father both specialized in. After crossing the border and moving his new family to Dallas, he assessed the lay of the land and realized that every home in the area could benefit from the addition of a backyard swimming pool. Diving into his work, he dedicated himself to mastering the craft of pool design and construction, completing dozens of projects as an independent contractor before founding Blue Pools Dallas.

Today his one-man operation has blossomed into the top rated pool builder in all of Texas, a reputation he has worked tirelessly to build and uphold. In order to meet growing demand for his signature line of custom built dream pools, he has hired the best and brightest designers and today you can enjoy a free consultation with one of these experts to help plan your proposed pool project. Our company is comprised of highly qualified individuals who genuinely care about the pools they create, and every finished project represents a unique extension of our client’s own inspiration and imagination.

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