Is a Freeform Pool More Expensive?

Freeform pools are all the rage for homeowners who like to have a natural lagoon at home. This type of pool works well for mimicking a natural body of water. Freeform pool is another word for a lagoon style pool. Some homeowners may wonder, is a freeform pool more expensive? Before you can consider having one installed at your home, find out if a freedom pool can break the bank or not.

Is a Freeform Pool More Expensive?

When it comes to inground pool prices, not many differences can be found between the cost of a free form pool and a rectangle pool. There are a lot of factors that can affect the quote your pool builder will give you for freeform inground pools.

Choosing a trusted pool contractor based on their previous works and customer testimonials is another factor. You wouldn’t want to select the cheap services of a contractor whose name in the pool industry isn’t established.

Free Form Pool
Free Form Pool

On average, you can expect to spend any amount within $5,000 for a simple style. The rates can go higher depending on your preferences. If you choose to add accessories in your pool area, expect the cost to accelerate as well. You need to know that pricing is not just limited to the physical pool but all the features in the free form pool area.

Additional Pool Accessories

Pool contractors can give you numerous pool quotes, so get a free in-home consultation at your most convenient time. You’ll find out that a freeform pool couldn’t be ridiculously expensive unless you purchase additional features.

Additional accessories increase inground pool prices. If you’d like to install a rectangle pool with an automatic pool cover, you’ll need to spend around $10,000 to $15,000. For a freeform pool, the typical add-ons are swim outs, tanning ledges, spillover spas, and a pergola.

Pool Materials and Structure

The pool market is saturated with fiberglass pools, which cost differently than the usual concrete or vinyl liner pools. The cost of a fiberglass pool doesn’t rely on the pool shape but rather on the amount of material used. Every square inch counts, and this affects the overall cost of the pool.

The shape is also different from the dig. A rectangle pool can show a linear shape, but inground pool builders can still make the dig freeform.

Freeform Pool
Freeform Pool

Pool Building Time

Freeform pools usually take a longer time to build, but the difference isn’t quite huge. Pool contractors need to frame up the pool regardless of the materials used. They also need to pour or form the still bottom’s surface area.

The process is pretty much the same for both rectangle and freeform pools. The only thing that takes freeform inground pools time to build is the excavation. Excavating the radii lines need to be precise to create beautiful curves. Pool contractors see to it that the result will have a smooth finish.

Designing your pool takes creativity and patience. Is a freeform pool more expensive? Well, it depends on your needs, so reach out to a pool professional for a quick quote.